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    Various known issues with the Table of Contents module.

    Teaser appear, FCKeditor accentuated letters,  Back to top arrow, Filters interaction (JavaScript removal,) headers numbering, double numbering...

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  • 07/31/10--13:34: Simplemenu Inactive Parents
  • Description

    A simple menu is composed of parent menus and children menus. A child has no drop-down menu and a parent does.

    By default all the menu items are active, meaning that they all are links one can click on to reach the corresponding destination.

    This simplemenu extension allows for turning the link off by replacing the anchor reference in a named anchor. The HTML tag being the same, the simplemenu looks the same, but the item cannot be clicked.

    At this time, there is no option to make some of the parent items clickable and others not.


    There is no settings for this module.

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    Password Fork

    The new module allows for a password fork.

    This means you can send your users to one specific page, and tell them about a password to use on that one page. Depending on the password, they will be sent to one of several nodes.

    This works in a very similar way as the other password form, except that there is no specific destination, and the users need to know any one of the passwords.

    The feature uses a specific URL defined as follow:


    • protected_pages=<nid1>,<nid2>,...


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  • 05/16/11--13:07: MobileKey Known Issues
  • Cached Pages

    The Boost module can be used to cache pages on your website. Unfortunately, if a page is cached, it is served without accessing Drupal. This means, the redirection offered by the MobileKey doesn't take effect on pages cached by Boost or similar modules.

    Also if you have a form of proxy cache (a cache before Apache2,) then the redirection will probably be prevented by that cache early on.

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  • 06/07/10--21:24: Table of Contents Settings
  • Filter Configuration

    At this point, most of the Table of Contents configuration is done in the Table of Contents filter.

    This means multiple Input formats allow you to make use of several different configurations.

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  • 04/05/11--10:25: Drupal Aggregator
  • The default Aggregator Drupal module does not work very well. There are several problems with the Drupal Core module, one of which we have not fixed in our version (i.e. the flatness of the item table.)

    There is a list of the known issues and our comments and whether we fixed the problem:

    Problem Solution in m2osw's version of Aggregator
    Missing XML marker The <?xml ... ?> marker is missing from some RSS feeds, add it as required
    Spurious data Some RSS feeds add spurious data ...

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  • 09/28/17--00:12: SMS From Me Service
  • SMS From Me LogoSMS From Me is a service offered by Made to Order Software Corporation that allows registered users to automatically send SMS whenever they receive a lead in their funnel.

    This solution let you sends SMS message from your phone, which means that you start a conversation with your prospect.

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